I'm Rachel and I live in Arizona which would be just dandy if it weren't for the politics. I obsess over things like it's nobody's business. I combat meltdowns with television, ice cream and lots of text messaging. I’m dating the raddest guy
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September 19th
5:09 PM


This might be the most influential quote of the whole series.

September 18th
7:04 PM

I crushed my 4 mile run tonight! I came in at 35:57, beating my previous record of 37:32.

2:47 PM

Last Night on Earth

by The Cast of American Idiot


American Idiot Musical Broadway Cast - Last Night on Earth

My beating heart belongs to you,
I walked for miles ‘til I found you.

12:12 PM

Filming archive footage for Charlotte’s Web this morning. This show is beautiful. I work with some very talented people!

9:24 AM


  • I’m filming archive footage of Charlotte’s Web today.
  • T-1 week until I’m in San Luis Obispo, CA with Schoolhouse Rock Live!
  • We’ll have two stage managers back starting on Monday and I am so excited that I could kiss all of you.
  • I’ve been listening to American Idiot the musical so much lately and it’s making me so nostalgic. I wish I could go back in time to the first showing I ever saw of it (Summer of 2010, the best and worst summer of my life)
  • The Maze Runner comes out tonight and I CANNOT WAIT YOU GUYS AHHH!
  • I will be unveiling a new painting in the near future.
  • Tony and I almost have our wedding venue picked out.
  • There are so many canals in the Phoenix area and I’ve been finding new running trails along them which has made running a lot more fun and adventurous.
  • I recently bought some pumpkin bagels that are to die for.

Things are just feeling really great these days.

September 17th
2:13 PM
1:16 PM
Filming a little B-roll for Charlotte’s Web this morning.

Filming a little B-roll for Charlotte’s Web this morning.

"For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start over again."
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald (via un-exotic)
9:59 AM


by The Cast of American Idiot


Whatsername - The Cast of American Idiot

“And in the darkest night
If my memory serves me right
I’ll never turn back time
Forgetting you, but not the time.”

September 16th
8:08 PM

Ran with a new gps tracker today that was pretty spot on. Also ran in these longer pants which was awful until the sun went down. But they are so awesome to stretch in!